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CLA0007 Big rolò necklace

Rolo chain necklace in 925/ooo silver

213,00 €

ELICL002 Star dust Y necklace

925/ooo silver jewelry Y-shaped choker with colored stars

49,00 €

FCCL03 Collana rolò oro

925/ooo silver jewelry choker

85,00 €

ME14303 Curvy heart necklace

Jewelry silver 925/ooo heart necklace

29,00 €

ME15201 Mini heart necklace

Necklace in 925 / ooo silver heart

24,00 €

ME15939 Double star crew neck

Double stars necklace in 925/ooo silver

38,00 €

ME16317 Heart necklace

Jewelery in 925/ooo silver heart necklace

31,00 €

ME17218 Dreams necklace

Star necklace in 925/ooo silver

45,00 €

ME17460 Mama heart choker

925/ooo silver jewelery mum choker

48,00 €

ME17473 Choker deila

Jewelery in 925/ooo silver choker with colored zircons

34,00 €

ME17817 Multicolored heart choker

Jewelery in 925/oo silver colored zircon necklace

89,00 €

ME18049 Sun crewneck

Jewelry in 925/ooo silver sun choker

48,00 €

ME18176 Match choker

Jewelery in 925/ooo silver necklace with zircons

38,00 €

ME18179 Four-hearted choker

925/ooo silver jewelry with four-leaf clover necklace

48,00 €

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