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MGR035 Heart Choker

Pink heart choker in 925/ooo silver

39,00 €

MGR056RO Mini cross necklace

Cross necklace in 925 / ooo silver

29,00 €

MGR062RO Double hearts crewneck

2-wire necklace in 925/ooo silver

42,00 €

MGR073 Long pearls necklace

Long necklace with pearls and hearts in 925/ooo silver

53,00 €

MGR076 Necklace coin and zircons

Gold coin necklace and pendant crystals in 925/ooo silver

38,00 €

MGR079 Choker pendants

Micro pendants necklace in 925/ooo silver

39,00 €

MGR085RO Crewneck ariel love

925/ooo silver choker chain jewelry

64,00 €

RGCL045 Round Neck

Round zircon necklace in 925/ooo silver

34,00 €

RGCL057RO Chanel full hearts

Long necklace with hearts in 925/ooo silver

72,00 €

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